Soundcraft Version 6.4.1 Service Release for all Vix00 and x000 Consoles Available Now

This is to announce the availability of software release V6.4.1.309 for all Vi1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 7000 and Vi200/400/600 consoles.

This release is primarily a service update, incorporating a number of important bug fixes, and illustrates our commitment to supporting the Vi console range.

In order to ensure maximum stability, we recommend that this software is installed into all Vix00 and x000 consoles as soon as possible.

New Features

  • SHURE Axient® Digital Receivers are now supported for Wireless Mic Monitoring (VM²)

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Autopatch did not work with Local I/O additional Blulink card on Vi5/7k
  • Faderglow colour was orange instead of green when group busses soloed in FLW mode
  • vMIX assignments were wrongly handled during snapshot crossfades
  • High CPU load when WIRELESS button was enabled
  • Tie Line patches could be removed by snapshot recall
  • Partial ISO of MG and VCA assign stopped working after cycling ISO button
  • Added SHURE & Sennheiser 'Channel Name' parameter to Vi Wireless Device list
  • Crash if Sennheiser L 6000 battery charger was connected to network
  • Only up to 12 receiver channels were seen in wireless device list

Note that the V6.4.1 software update cannot be installed on Vi1/2/4/6 consoles. Information for the new service update V4.9.2 for these consoles can be found here.

Offline Editor

An updated version of the Virtual Vi Offline Editor is also available incorporating the above bug fixes, allowing pre-programming of Show files.

Show Compatibility

There are no known Show compatibility issues with this release

ViSi Remote iPad App

There is no change to the ViSi Remote app with this release

Where to get the software update

Downloads are now available on the Soundcraft website.

Scroll directly to required product on the Software page here.

Update Instructions

Please download and read the Update Instructions here, before starting the update.

If you experience any issues or problems with the upgrade, please contact our Soundcraft Technical Experts.