dbx ZonePro products now compatible with the Key Digital Compass Control System

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dbx® ZonePro® products are now compatible with the Key Digital Compass Control® System, the first fully integrated major control system built from the ground up to use iOS – as its backbone.

Key Digital has developed a driver and a pre-configured GUI template for their Compass Control® system to interface with dbx ZonePro Digital Zone Processors. The dbx ZonePro Digital Zone Processors are designed to provide cost effective, flexible programmable zone processing for multi-zone commercial applications, from signal routing to control and processing. Compass Control system provides dbx ZonePro users a complete multi-zone audio solution, while having an integrated control system under their fingertips with additional video, lighting, climate, security, and automation controls.

Module Features:

  • Support for all ZonePro Devices
  • Driver and Module available for RS-232 and IP
  • Mixing Controls
  • Routing Controls
  • Output and Source Level Control

Distributed in NZ by JPRO, Key Digital designs and manufactures high quality, cutting-edge technology solutions for virtually all applications where high-end video and control are important.

Compass Control is now available for iOS. Use the download button below for further info.