The Best Antenna for Crowded RF environments

The recent InfoComm Conference proved a perfect situation to showcase the best antenna for crowded RF environments – the RF Spotlight. The harsh conditions of a trade show – where uncoordinated devices compete for limited spectrum – clearly demonstrate that a smarter approach to antenna, filtering, and distribution impacts wireless system performance.

Use the video link on this page to view the video demo of the RF Spotlight antenna for wireless mics combined wth RF Venue’s new 50 MHz bandpass filters.

The RF Spotlight antenna has been designed to greatly reduce the noise floor and helps get more channels into less spectrum, even in a very crowded RF field. This limited coverage antenna is a low-profile floor pad that can be placed offstage, under the stage, or wherever you need coverage for wireless mics within a few hundred feet diameter range. Perfect on stages, in hotel breakout rooms, at conventions, or church sanctuaries, the RF Spotlight is effective where multiple wireless systems must inter-operate across facilities and open channels are limited.

The RF Spotlight can be used in conjunction with RF Venue’s recently announced Band Pass Filters, available in either 500-550 Mhz or 550-600 MHz ranges. The Filters provide 40db of side rejection and incredibly easy to integrate into your wireless microphone system (just connect them to your coax cable antenna runs), these Band Pass Filters are sure to reduce your noise floor even further and keep your mics on air and more easily add additional channels as needed.

In another crowded spectrum demonstration, RF Venue travelled to New York's Central Park to compare the effects of two different types of antennaes - illustrating the effectiveness of the RF Spotlight at reducing sources of interference. View the video here.

If you're upgrading your wireless system this year make sure to add some of these effective tools to your shopping list!