AKG Artist: Steve Vai

Steve Vai

Guitarist, songwriter and producer

With six Grammy® nominations (and three wins), two million Facebook "likes", hundreds of music magazine covers, and sales of over 15 million albums, this guys isn't just any guitarist/songwriter/producer. This guy is Steve Vai. In over 30 years in the music business, Vai has not only learned from the best, he's toured with the best – clearly, he IS one of the best. And he chooses to work with the best: AKG.

To mic his guitar amp on stage Steve uses AKG's D40 dynamic instrument microphone, which stands up to the hardships of night after night use (it's great for drums, percussion and wind instruments, too). The D40 is a cardioid mic that handles sound pressure levels of up to 156dB without distortion, and features a dual-density varimotion diaphragm. Of a similar quality level, AKG's WMS4500 D7 Set is a wireless microphone system that provides plenty of channels and maximum reliability in live performance. And AKG's C214 and D12 VR are both no-compromise, large diaphragm mics you can rely on both on stage and in the studio.

"If you're feeling emotional when you're creating something, it'll sound that way," says Steve. To get that emotion across he uses AKG's C214, whose 1 inch capsule on an integrated suspension reduces mechanical noise for clear, detailed recording of instruments and vocals. Steve can also count on the D12 VR to deliver warmth, even at high volume levels. It features an ultra thin diaphragm and a patented, switchable active filter.

AKG is very proud to be a part of Steve Vai's extraordinary and successful music career. Currently on his "Story of Light 2013 Tour" (which runs through the end of the year), it sounds like Steve Vai has once again created an emotional and virtuosic musical journey.


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