Tour Sound


JPRO has over 30 years’ experience in providing sound systems throughout NZ and with some of the world’s leading technologies available to us we know we can help you meet and exceed your own expectations.

The tour sound market is an incredibly tough environment for both the user and the equipment with many unique challenges presented to providers of live audio. Tight schedules, ever varying environments and constantly increasing demands mean the audio gear and technology needs to be of ever increasing quality and equally robust construction.

JPRO has both the equipment and the experience to recommend the right tools for the job, from corporate speech event to meeting the stringent international tech riders of pro touring engineers and artists.

In an industry where you can't take chances with unproven products you know you can count on our systems to provide excellent sound with unmatched accuracy - night after night - without fail.

Want to talk to our Tour Sound Specialist?

Tim Robertson spent many years honing his System Tech skills with Oceania and College Hill two of NZ's largest production companies. He spent 15 years touring the country with a wide range of national and international acts in a range of roles covering Front of House (FOH), monitors, systems tech and even stage managing on the odd occasion. Read Tim's bio here.


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JBL VTX A Series - A12 & A8 - NZ Sound Reinforcement

JBL VTX A Series - A12 - Ohakune Mardi Gras

JBL VTX V Series - V20 - Strawberry Sound Hire

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